23 Cutest Flower Girl Dresses Ideas

Flower Girl Dresses

For many brides, one of the most cherished members of the bridal party is the flower girl. This adorable addition deserves a dress as enchanting as she is, one that will capture everyone's attention long before the bride takes her walk down the aisle. Whether it's a playful burst of color like blue or pink, a charming patterned design, or a timeless ivory dress paired with a dainty flower crown or bow, the options are surprisingly abundant.

Ensuring your flower girl remains cute and content throughout the big day is key, regardless of whether your wedding is set in spring or winter. This means selecting a dress that allows for growth, features an age-appropriate length, and is crafted from soft, durable fabric that ensures her comfort while seamlessly complementing the overall style of your wedding.

People often ask

Who normally pays for the flower girl dress?

Traditionally, the flower girl’s parents pay for the dress and if the parents are covering expenses, it's considerate to present them with a selection of dresses across different price points and allow them to choose the one that suits them best. If you have a little extra in your wedding budget and you can gift the dress to the flower girl that is lovely but not required.

When to order flower girl dresses?

Timing is key when ordering the dress, striking a balance between early enough to secure it and not so early that she outgrows it. Delaying too much risks the possibility of it selling out. To play it safe, we suggest placing the order ahead of time and opting for a size larger, which can be adjusted closer to the event if needed. Additionally, consider the purchasing process. While most online retailers ship within 1-2 weeks, if the dress is custom-made, be mindful of the designer's timeframe.

What color are flower girl dresses?

Traditionally, flower girls have worn some form of white and ivory. To this day, people are getting more creative and you can see more fun and bold color options.

Whether you're in search of timeless flower girl dresses or distinctive and original ensembles, we've curated a collection of our top picks that are as charming as the adorable ones donning them. Not only are these outfits irresistibly cute, but these young fashionistas are also becoming trendsetters in their own right, giving us adults a run for our money when it comes to style!


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